your business is run- ning exactly like it is designed to run. if you are not satisfied with the way your business is running change the design. if you change the design, behavior will follow.

 max carey author
the superman complex

suggested reading

by james d. power

balance scorecard
by paul niven

good to great
by jim collins


they were fantastic in helping us develop a more strategic focus to our efforts larry girouard was the catalyst that kick started our journey..

peter falhman
senior vp
ferguson perforating, inc


The Business Avionix Company, LLC is a Rhode Island based business consulting company with over 45 years of manufacturing and senior management experience.

Our solutions are centered on customer relationship management methodologies to meet and exceed the demands of the modern consumer. The result for our clients is a distinctive competitive advantage through a best-in-class systems approach for attracting customers, building loyalty, and reducing operational costs.

We are committed to an effective, results-oriented business partnership with our clients. these partnerships, and our understanding of our clients corporate culture, business processes, and technology requirements, enable us to deliver timely, cost effective and quality services.

Quality manufactured products and services cannot be sustained without a measurement based quality control program and, likewise, a quality company cannot evolve without measurements applied to:

  • The Strategic Plan
  • The Customer Experience,
  • The establishment of a measured win/win/win culture for the customer, employee and management.

Our programs are based, in part, on lean methodologies focused on reducing waste in all processes.

The Business Avionix Mission Statement:

To empower companies to
grow and prosper through
proven systems,
implementation, and measurement

Our team looks forward to meeting with your management team to review your business issues with the goal to facilitate growth through a focused market penetration program.